Sunday, December 30, 2007

Singapore Opposes Taiwan Independence

A 25 December 2007 article from the Straits Times reports that Singapore officially opposes Taiwan's attempt to gain UN recognition as an independent country. Singapore's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has used the United States' stance as proof that the international community does not support recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

US, China Energy Dispute

The United States and China are each seeking concessions from the other for reduction of greenhouse-causing emissions, according to a 4 December 2007 story from Bloomberg. Delegates from 187 countries have met in Bali for a two-week conference to create a timeline for replacing the 1997 Kyoto Accord.

China claims that its developing industrial status should preclude acceptance of any mandated limit, while the U.S. says emissions limits will handicap its competitiveness.

The United States uses more energy than any other country, followed by China. The Kyoto Accord set no goals for China, and was not ratified by the U.S.